I n 1764, a few Acadians, whose ancestors had settled the province of Acadia or Nova Scotia, arrived in the colony, and a few settled on the German Coast. However, the great Acadian migration to Louisiana started in 1765, when most settled above the German Coast on what would come to be called the Acadian Coast (St. James Parish). The Louisiana colony, attracted the Acadians because of the French influence that affected the religion, tradition, and language of the region.

The First Cajuns. After many years without a homeland, these steadfast Acadians reached their long sought “Land of the Oaks” and became Cajuns. The Saga of the Acadians by George Rodrigue, 1985-1989.


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The “Acadian Cottage”; home of Dr. Victor Lehman.  (Photo courtesy of the St. Charles Herald) Final Insult. Deported Acadians were forced to endure the harsh winter in open vessels in the North Atlantic. This controversial painting shows a soldier of the Crown offering a diseased blanket as cover for a child. George Rodrigue, “Saga of the Acadians,” 1985-1989.

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