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National Park Service's Poverty Point National Monument. Park run by the State of Louisiana.

National Park Service's Poverty Point National Monument

"Follow In The Footsteps Of Ancient Engineers

Now a nearly forgotten culture, Poverty Point at its peak 3,000 years ago was part of an enormous trading network that stretched for hundreds of miles across the continent. It was - and is - also an engineering marvel, the product of five million hours of labor. Explore the culture of a highly sophisticated people who left behind one of North America’s most important archeological sites." Visit Site

Taking Possession of Louisiana and the River Mississippi, in the name of Louis XIVth, by Cavelier de la Salle by Bocquin, ca.1860, color lithograph, THNOC.1970.1

Louisiana State Parks: Poverty Point State Historic Site

"The time was eight centuries after Egyptian laborers dragged huge stones across the desert to build the Great Pyramids, and before the great Mayan pyramids were constructed. The place was a site in what is now northeastern Louisiana. The people were a sophisticated group who left behind one of the most important archaeological sites in North America.

"The Poverty Point inhabitants set for themselves an enormous task as they built a complex array of earthen mounds and ridges overlooking the Mississippi River flood plain..." Visit Site