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Mississippian pot
La Salle Taking Possession of Louisiana and the River Mississippi by Bocquin, ca.1860, color lithograph

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Taking Possession of Louisiana and the River Mississippi, in the name of Louis XIVth, by Cavelier de la Salle by Bocquin, ca.1860, color lithograph, THNOC.1970.1

Exploration and Discovery (1542-1647)

After the discovery of the river, few explorers came to the Lower Mississippi Valley. Because of this, over 140 years would pass before the idea of settlement would arise. The Mississippi River and its tributaries enabled the early explorers to enter what is now called St. Charles Parish... Read More

Photo of Mississippian pot found by Daniel Deroche in St. Charles Parish. Piece measures approximately nine inches in diameter. (Photo courtesy of Maureen Downey

Poverty Point

Around 1730 BC a great culture, named for the famous Poverty Point settlement in northeastern Louisiana, flourished. It was probably people from this culture that first entered into what is now St. Charles Parish Charles Parish. Charles Parish. Charles Parish. Charles Parish... Read More