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LifeOnThePlantation-Article cutting cane sketch

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J. Hanno Deiler author of The Settlement of the German Coast of Louisiana and the Creoles of German Descent

Unlocking Our Heritage

J. Hanno Deiler (1849–1909) was born in Bavaria, Germany, was educated and taught in German schools, and emigrated to the U.S. in 1872. He settled in New Orleans, becoming principal of a German school. He later was appointed a professor of German at the University of Louisiana (Tulane)... Read More

Bird's eyeview. 1859—Father Paret

Fr. Paret’s Watercolors & Journal – 1859

At the time of discovery of the Paret watercolors, in a proposal to publish the 1859 paintings, Louisiana State University (LSU) Art Museum Director Pat Bacot said the Paret paintings were “the most important single group of landscape paintings done before the Civil War... Read More