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Flagville Historical Marker
Bourbon France Flag
Bustard's Cove Historical Marker
Flagville Historical Marker

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Bustard’s Cove Historical Marker. Bustard’s Cove was the site of the first east bank settlement near present-day New Sarpy at the confluence of the Mississippi River and Bayou LeSeur.

Bustard's Cove - L'Anse aux Outardes

In 1722, hurricanes devastated the German Coast and many Germans considered leaving. In order to prevent this exodus, Governor Bienville conceded lands to the Germans on both sides of the river. Later that year and in 1723, a few of the French and German concessionaires moved... Read More

Flagville Historical Marker

Flaggville, Hahnville

In 1870, Judicial District Judge Othello Jerome Flagg, a Union soldier formally affiliated with the Freedmen’s Bureau, purchased five arpents of land adjacent to the area called the courthouse site. In 1872, Civil Engineer Thomas Sharpe surveyed and with Flagg developed the Village of Flaggville. Read More