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20_p107_1900s Destrehan Plantation
Slave Quarters of Destrehan Plantation
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Rost Home colony

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Jean-Noël d’Estréhan de Beaupre (1759–1823). (Source: Louisiana Portraits, courtesy of Marguerite Larue de la Houssaye)


On January 3, 1787, de Logny contracted with the free mulatto Charles to build his house on this property, now known as Destrehan Plantation. The plantation is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is the oldest documented plantation house left intact in the... Read More

Jefferson Document

The Louisiana Purchase – 1803

President Thomas Jefferson signed what is now referred to as the Jefferson Document appointing four men to the legislative council. One of the four was Jean-Nöel Destrehan of the German Coast. These men were carefully selected and charged with the task of planning the new provisional... Read More

State Constitution Delegates Gravesite.

Statehood – 1812

Gravesite of Jean- Nöel Destrehan deBeaupre and Stephen and Zelia Henderson. Stephen was Jean-Nöel’s son-in-law. Jean-Nöel Destrehan deBeaupre, b. 1759, d. 1823; son of Jean Baptist Honore Destrehan deBeaupre, royal treasurer of the French Colony, and Jeanne Catherine Gauvry; married Marie Celeste Robin deLongy in... Read More