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Little Red Church Painting
19_p52 Schex&ZeringOrmond
19_p74_frparet Fashion Plantation
19th Century Page 073 Image 0001
Judge Jean-Louis LaBranche Plantation
19_p71_frparet Ormond Plantation
19_p70_Hermitage Plantation

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The Little Red Church

The Little Red Church – 1806

Tradition holds that the 1740 St. Charles log chapel was destroyed by fire in 1806 and rebuilt the same year. It was replaced by a wood-framed structure and painted red. The “Little Red Church” became a famous landmark for river travelers. Passengers going downriver... Read More

Red Church, March 20, 1859. by Fr. Paret.

Fr. Paret’s Watercolors & Journal – 1859

At the time of discovery of the Paret watercolors, in a proposal to publish the 1859 paintings, Louisiana State University (LSU) Art Museum Director Pat Bacot said the Paret paintings were “the most important single group of landscape paintings done before the Civil War... Read More