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Pirogue. (Sketch by Janis Blair)

Breadbasket of the Colony

On the German Coast during the 1720s, houses were built on both sides of the Mississippi River. The first German settlers continuously supplied the markets of New Orleans. They used the river to transport their surplus produce in small boats or canoes, known as pirogues... Read More

P. A. Torres is a typical river shrimp fisherman.

The Great Outdoors

For centuries in St. Charles Parish, the rivers, bayous, swamps, and lakes provided the citizens
with unlimited fish and game for recreation as well as commerce for those individuals who preferred
working in the great... Read More

J. Hanno Deiler (1849–1909)(Photo
courtesy of the Historic New Orleans Collection)

Unlocking Our Heritage

J. Hanno Deiler (1849–1909) was born in Bavaria, Germany, was educated and taught in German schools, and emigrated to the U.S. in 1872. He settled in New Orleans, becoming principal of a German school. He later was appointed a professor of German at the University of... Read More