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LifeOnThePlantation-Article Plantation sketch
19_p52 Schex&ZeringOrmond
19_p71_frparet Ormond Plantation
20_p107_ormond plantation
LGendron1811Revolt 7Execution@Dest
LGendron1811Revolt 6Execution
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Ormond Plantation by Father Joseph Paret

Fr. Paret’s Watercolors & Journal – 1859

At the time of discovery of the Paret watercolors, in a proposal to publish the 1859 paintings, Louisiana State University (LSU) Art Museum Director Pat Bacot said the Paret paintings were “the most important single group of landscape paintings done before the Civil War... Read More

Paintings of the 1811 Slave Revolt by artist Lorraine Gendron

1811 Slave Revolt

It is noteworthy that the 1811 uprising in Orleans Territory was in a sense a direct continuation, on the American mainland, of the uprising in St. Domingue. This is because refugee slave owners and imported slaves from St. Domingue took an active part on opposite sides in the 1811 revolt... Read More

The Scheckschneider (Schexnaydre) and Zeringue families standing in front of Ormond Plantation in Destrehan.
(Photo courtesy of Larry and Sharon Schexnaydre)

Descendants of Early Settlers

Almost one hundred years had passed since those first German settlers survived horrific conditions at homeland ports waiting to sail and at sea, many dying enroute by starvation, illness, or later succumbing to the difficult climate after arrival in Louisiana. The new engagés... Read More

Ormond Plantation in the early 1900s. (Photo courtesy of Chip Zeringue)

Plantations to Petroleum - East Bank

As the centuries changed, so did the landscape of St. Charles Parish. In colonial times, the German Coast was the breadbasket of the colony. The breadbasket continued through the prosperous Spanish era as it did during the plantation era, when the wealthy planters and their landholdings... Read More