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20_p139_ Hahnville High School 1924
20_p179_Hahnville High School 2010
20_p139_Destrehan High School 1924
20_p179_Destrehan High School 2010
Newspaper Mural
Article Mural 02
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Madisonville School, 1899—Ama. (Photo
courtesy of Mrs. John M. Walton, Sr.)

19th Century School Superintendents

Nineteenth Century Public School Superintendents of St. Charles Parish: J. M. Dieudonne, 1852–1888; T. T. Baudoin,1878–1888; Owen McLaren,1888–1890; Emile Rost,1890–1891; Hiddleston,1891–1893; H. Kenner,1893–1896; T. B. Sellers,1896–1912... Read More

Hahnville High School in 2010.

New Schools

Two new public high schools opened in 1976: Destrehan High School in Destrehan and Hahnville High School in Mozella. They continue to serve students at the same sites in 2010. Both schools offer advanced studies programs, as well as art and music. They... Read More

School Board Proceedings, August 18, 1877, St. Charles Herald.

Public Education

The LeMoyne brothers, Iberville and Bienville, were timeless advocates of schools to educate the colonial children. "He [Bienville] proposed the establishment of a school in New Orleans where the boys could be taught geometry, geography, and other... Read More

The school for African American students was located at Pan American
Petroleum. Negro schools began in churches or other dwellings. This church,
on the Pan American Oil Refinery at Destrehan, served as a school for black
children whose parents worked at the refinery. John Smith, a member of the St.
Charles Parish School Board since 1991, attended his first education classes
in this building. Smith is currently a retired deputy superintendent of schools
in Orleans Parish. (Photo courtesy of the Louisiana Library, Works Progress
Administration Program.)

Plantations to Petroleum - East Bank

As the centuries changed, so did the landscape of St. Charles Parish. In colonial times, the German Coast was the breadbasket of the colony. The breadbasket continued through the prosperous Spanish era as it did during the plantation... Read More