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St.Rose School, 1927

Public Education

With the arrival of the petroleum industry in the early 1900s, a major shift took place in the public school district. These major industries would not only begin to provide tax revenues which would help to bolster public education, but would also promote better... Read More

The 1740 chapel, named “St. Charles,” was built in the area now known as Destrehan. (Sketch by Janis Blair)

The Catholic Church

In 1723, La Paroisse de St. Jean des Allemands Catholic Church was established at Karlstein. The earlier German Coast settlers worshiped in New Orleans in an old abandoned warehouse that served as the predecessor to St. Louis Cathedral (Church Records of 1720–30). The 1724... Read More

Judge Pierre Adolphe Rost, b. 1797 
in France, d. 1868, married Louise Odile Destrehan. He was a plantation owner, state senator in Louisiana

Rost Home Colony

In March of 1865, Congress created the Federal Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, most often referred to as Freedmen’s Bureau, a quasi-military organization charged with aiding the newly freed slaves with financial, educational, social, and political matters... Read More