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General Alexander O’Reilly. (Sketch by Janis Blair)


"France’s King Louis XV gave Louisiana to his Spanish cousin, Charles III, in the formal Treaty of Fountainbleau signed on November 3, 1762. However, Spanish Governor Don Antonio de Ulloa did not arrive in Louisiana until 1766. Colonists preferred to remain under French rule and were very upset. Talk of rebellion began to grow, even on the German Coast. In 1768, Commandant Darensbourg and German Coast citizens were a part of this growing ..." Read More

Prospect Plantation was built circa 1815 by Edgar LaBranche who later expanded the plantation from the Mississippi River to Lake Pontchartrain.

Rise of Plantations

"Mozella Plantation—Hicks Lewis Youngs and brother Elias moved to the German Coast from New York City in 1851. The Youngs brothers acquired Joseph Marioneau’s property through a series of buyouts and established a sugar and cotton plantation, which they named Mozella after Elias’s wife. Hicks and his wife, Frances Culpepper Youngs, established their plantation close to Boutte, which follows the Old Spanish Trail, where ..." Read More