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Taking Possession of Louisiana and the River Mississippi, in the name of Louis XIVth, by Cavelier de la Salle by Bocquin, ca.1860, color lithograph, THNOC.1970.1

Immigration and Settlement

"After rediscovering the Mississippi, they began traveling upriver and on the fourth day reached a large Bayougoula Indian settlement (in St. Charles Parish) at the river’s intersection with a tributary at the site referred to as L’Anse aux Outardes (Bustard’s Cove), or present-day New Sarpy. They found the Quinapissa had joined the Mugulasha and they later formed one village with the Bayougoula. Iberville discovered that the Mugulasha chief had a blue serge coat, and he was therefore probably the same chief LaSalle had met many years earlier..." Read More