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Saving the Wetlands

Saving the Wetlands

"In 2006, cypress forests and their management became front-page news. Today’s debate is not about the value of the wood but the “woods” and the role they play in maintaining a buffer against tides and winds. According to a Times Picayune October 16, 2006 story, “extensive cypress logging has occurred in recent months around Lac Des Allemands in St. Charles Parish,” in spite of the concern being raised about continuing..." Read More

A levee inspection takes place during the Flood of 1927. (Photo courtesy of Joan
Weaver Becnel)

Flood Control

"The Great Flood of 1927 is considered one of the worst disasters in American history. One million people lost their homes and hundreds of thousands relocated. More than five hundred people along the Mississippi River were killed as the levees broke at thirteen places including one between Montz and LaPlace. This low-lying area of bottomland is still referred to as “The Slew.” The town of Montz..." Read More