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Pirogue. (Sketch by Janis Blair)

Breadbasket of the Colony

" On the German Coast during the 1720s, houses were built on both sides of the Mississippi River. The first German settlers continuously supplied the markets of New Orleans. They used the river to transport their surplus produce in small boats or canoes, known as pirogues, returning home through Lake Pontchartrain into Bayous Trepagnier and LeSieur, and other tributaries to the Mississippi River. Ellen Merrill, noted historian..." Read More

First Families - The Pioneers

First Families - The Pioneers

"In addition to those first families of St. Charles Parish, those pioneers listed in the 1724 census, other German families not listed in the 1724 census were in the area and eventually came to the German Coast including: Jacob Huber (Oubre), Thomas Lesch (Laiche), Mueller, Johann Weber, Pierre Brou, Michael Zehringer (Zeringue), Schaf (Chauffe), Hans Reinhard Scheckschneider, Jean Zweig, ..." Read More

Fashion, LaBranche, Other Plantations Destroyed

"From all accounts LaBranche Plantation in St. Rose was one of the grandest on the German Coast. Along with Fashion Plantation, it was destroyed during the Civil War. All that remained was the Dependency House, also called a garconniere (French for bachelor quarters). Olidé and Marie Perilloux Cambre purchased the Dependency House and property in 1902. Pictured here in 1910 from right to left ..." Read More

Gretna Historical Marker.

German Coast Influence Spreads – 1843

"The Destrehan family provides the unique connection between the German Coast and the west bank of Jefferson Parish. The descendants of Jean Baptist Destrehan were instrumental in spreading the German influence to Gretna, Harvey, and other Jefferson Parish towns. Louise Marie Destrehan was educated at Sacred Heart Academy in St. Louis, Missouri, and returned home to the family plantation (now Harvey) at sixteen years ..." Read More