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Major Parish Skirmishes

Major Parish Skirmishes

"Three Major Skirmishes Took Place in St. Charles Parish: HAHNVILLE COURTHOUSE: On August 29, 1862, Union troops marched from Boutte to the courthouse to camp for the night. The next day they encountered troops delivering cattle to feed Confederate soldiers. A battle ensued and the Union forces prevailed,..."

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Judge Pierre Adolphe Rost, b. 1797 in France,d. 1868, married Louise Odile Destrehan. He
was a plantation owner, state senator, Louisiana Supreme Court Justice, and Confederate
ambassador to Spain. He is interred at St. Charles Cemetery. (Photo courtesy of
Destrehan Plantation)

Rost Home Colony

"In March of 1865, Congress created the Federal Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, most often referred to as Freedmen’s Bureau, a quasi-military organization charged with aiding the newly freed slaves with financial, educational, social, and political matters, tasking them to help those freed to adjust to their new lives. In Louisiana, four “home colonies” were created as self-sustaining agricultural collectives that also provided schools, commercial stores, and a..." Read More

Georg Michael Hahn

Governor Georg Michael Hahn

"Louisiana’s Constitution of 1864" …“drawn under Georg Michael Hahn’s active direction …Not only abolished slavery and provided for the eventual enfranchisement of blacks … opened the public schools to every child, black and white between the ages of six and eighteen; provided for a progressive income tax; established a minimum wage and a nine hour workday … Louisiana has not had so many honest, highly principled..." Read More

Historical Settlements

Historical Settlements

"Allemands- Named for the Germans, became Des Allemands; Ama—Named for the daughter of Alice Plantation owner means “to love” in Greek); Bayou Gauche-Gauche means left or left- handed. Bayou Gauche is the left and smaller fork of Bayou des Allemands; Boutte-Named for Tisaphane Boutte and his son, J. L. ..." Read More

In 1996, the Bethlehem Benevolent Society Hall is shown on its journey to the West Bank Bridge Park
on River Road in Luling to be used as the St. Charles Parish Tourist Information Center. (Photo courtesy of St. Charles Department of Economic Development and Tourism)

Bethlehem Benevolent Society

"The Bethlehem Benevolent Society was incorporated in 1881. It was an example of one of the many benevolent societies for St. Charles Parish Negroes. These fraternal organizations provided medicine, paid doctor bills, purchased food and apparel for those in need, and helped to bury their dead. Each society purchased enough property..." Read More