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Map of German Coast Settlements, illustration from book Germans of Louisiana

Karl Fredrick Darensbourg

"Captain Karl Fredrick Darensbourg, a German-speaking Swedish soldier, left France on the Portefaix on March 7, 1721, bringing with him three hundred German-speaking Swiss and Alsatian colonists bound for Louisiana from the Alsace- Lorraine area. When they arrived in Old Biloxi on June 4, 1721, Bienville appointed Darensbourg commandant. On December 15, Governor Bienville..." Read More

American Indians

American Indians

"The first “Americans,” nomadic hunters from Asia, crossed a land bridge from Siberia to Alaska in search of food. Eventually, as the climate changed and animals upon which they depended became extinct, those hunters became “hunter-gatherers” and then, eventually, “farmers.” Those earliest settlers are now generally referred to as American Indians..." Read More