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The Darensbourg Records.

The Darensbourg Records

"The Darensbourg Records are the earliest original acts of St. Charles Parish date from 1734, only three years after Louisiana became a crown colony. These historic documents are housed in the St. Charles Parish Courthouse. These first documents were..." Read More

Karl Fredrick Darensbourg. (Photo courtesy Tulane University, Special Collections, Kuntz Collection)

Darensbourg's Life

"Karl Fredrick Darensbourg, the first commandant of the German Coast, served for over forty-eight years. He was beloved by the people of the German Coast. Darensbourg was born on January 25, 1694, in Stettin, Pomerania (presently Poland, but was a Swedish possession at the time)..." Read More

First Families - The Pioneers

First Families - The Pioneers

"In addition to those first families of St. Charles Parish, those pioneers listed in the 1724 census, other German families not listed in the 1724 census were in the area and eventually came to the German Coast including: Jacob Huber (Oubre), Thomas Lesch (Laiche), Mueller, Johann Weber, Pierre Brou, Michael Zehringer (Zeringue), Schaf (Chauffe), Hans Reinhard Scheckschneider, Jean Zweig, ..." Read More