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An indigo processor. (Courtesy of The Historic New Orleans Collection. Acc. No. 1979.128)

The Culture of Sugar Cane

"Indigo, the main crop of German Coast settlers for many years, had been brought to the colony from the West Indies in the 1700s. This tropical plant produced a lasting blue dye important to the European textile industry and the blue color remains very popular even today in cotton denim fabric of blue jeans. However, today almost..." Read More

First Families - The Pioneers

First Families - The Pioneers

"In addition to those first families of St. Charles Parish, those pioneers listed in the 1724 census, other German families not listed in the 1724 census were in the area and eventually came to the German Coast including: Jacob Huber (Oubre), Thomas Lesch (Laiche), Mueller, Johann Weber, Pierre Brou, Michael Zehringer (Zeringue), Schaf (Chauffe), Hans Reinhard Scheckschneider, Jean Zweig, ..." Read More

Fashion, LaBranche, Other Plantations Destroyed

"From all accounts LaBranche Plantation in St. Rose was one of the grandest on the German Coast. Along with Fashion Plantation, it was destroyed during the Civil War. All that remained was the Dependency House, also called a garconniere (French for bachelor quarters). Olidé and Marie Perilloux Cambre purchased the Dependency House and property in 1902. Pictured here in 1910 from right to left ..." Read More

Zweig Family (LaBranche)

Zweig Family (LaBranche)

"Two Zweig families were listed as passengers on the pest ship Deux Fréres that arrived in Biloxi in March 1721: ...'Johan Adam, his wife, and daughter. Johan Adam is mentioned in the 1724 census as having died in Biloxi'..." Read More