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Louisiana Purchase Map. (Used with permission from the Department of Culture, Recreation, and Tourism, State of Louisiana Bicentennial brochure.)

The Louisiana Purchase

"Fearing Napoleonic France’s control of the mouth of the Mississippi River, and with a desire to preserve and expand the agricultural character of the United States, President Thomas Jefferson sent James Monroe and Robert Livingston to France in early 1803 to negotiate for the purchase of New Orleans and as much land east of the Mississippi River as possible. On April 29, 1803, Napoleon unexpectedly agreed to sell the entire Louisiana Territory for only $15 million dollars..." Read More

2007 Bicentennial Proclamations

2007 Bicentennial Proclamations

"St. Charles, St. James, and St. John Parishes joined together to celebrate the bicentennial. The River Region Arts and Humanities Council presented “Herons in the Hall” on June 2, 2007, at San Francisco Plantation in Garyville, Louisiana..." Read More