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Crevasse water takes over a store in Taft. (Photo courtesy of the George Lorio family)

Hymelia Crevasse

"The yearly spring rise of the Mississippi brought fear of crevasses to those living on the riverbanks. Early in the twentieth century their worst fears were realized. On May 14, 1912, a “crawfish hole” began to weaken the levee at Hymelia, just upriver from present-day Killona. It quickly grew to a five-hund red-foot wide gap in the levee spilling water across a huge area from Hymelia to as far as Donaldsonville..." Read More

New Orleans and Greater Northern Railroad Company: One Dollar.

Early Railroads

"The first railroads were built in the 1830s. Early railroad travel was dangerous as construction was unbelievably crude. Poorly installed rails worked loose and were forced through floors of coaches and cars. The boilers of locomotives would sometimes explode, animals strolled onto the tracks, flying ..." Read More