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The Luling/Destrehan Ferry disaster in 1976 is one of the worst maritime accidents in history.
(Photos courtesy of the St. Charles Herald, Patrick Yoes, and Chip Zeringue)


"The October 20, 1976, collision on the Mississippi River of the George Prince ferry and the Norwegian tanker Frosta was ranked as the top story of the millennium in the local press. It has been characterized as one of the worst maritime disasters in history. The 120-foot George Prince and the 665-foot Frosta collided as the ferry made its early morning journey from Destrehan to Luling mainly carrying industry workers as it had done ..." Read More

Automobile and pedestrian ferry over the Mississippi River at Luling. Vehicles could cross the river here and at Destrehan, while pedestrians also used a small boat going between Norco and Hahnville. (Courtesy of The Herald)

Ferry Service Ends

"The opening Early ferry service in the 1930s wasn’t always an easy crossing, especially in the spring when the river rose and the river was filled with driftwood. Since the 1800s, when minimal ferry service was provided by private citizens until later years when the state/parish made ferry service available on a regular basis, crossing the river on the “ferry boat” was a time consuming and often times dangerous ritual which ..." Read More