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American Indians

American Indians

"The first “Americans,” nomadic hunters from Asia, crossed a land bridge from Siberia to Alaska in search of food. Eventually, as the climate changed and animals upon which they depended became extinct, those hunters became “hunter-gatherers” and then, eventually, “farmers.” Those earliest settlers are now generally referred to as American Indians..." Read More

Taking Possession of Louisiana and the River Mississippi, in the name of Louis XIVth, by Cavelier de la Salle by Bocquin, ca.1860, color lithograph, THNOC.1970.1

Exploration and Discovery

"In 1682, Robert Cavalier, Sieur de LaSalle, a French fur trader and explorer who started his journey in Canada with his lieutenant, Henri de Tonti, traveled the entire length of the Mississippi River. As his expedition passed through present-day Hahnville, it was attacked by indigenous Quinapissa villagers. LaSalle went on to claim for France the Lower Mississippi Valley and called it La Louisiane (Louisiana) in honor of King Louis XIV. The Louisiana Territory, as it would be referred to, spanned more than..." Read More