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The new St. Charles Borromeo Church was dedicated on January 25, 1922.

The Catholic Church in St. Charles Parish

"For over a century, New Red Church St. Charles Parish was predominantly Catholic. Capuchin missionary priests from France serving the Church of St. Charles were relentless in their pursuit of converting settlers in the colony. The first church to appear was a tiny chapel named St. Jean des Allemands,..." Read More

The 1740 chapel, named “St. Charles,” was built in the area now known as Destrehan. (Sketch by Janis Blair)

St. Charles Church

"Tradition says that in 1740, that first little chapel, St. Jean des Allemands Catholic Church at Karlstein (on what later would be referred to as Trinity Plantation in Taft), was replaced by a crude log cabin on the east bank and named St. Charles. That chapel continued to serve the spiritual needs of the French, Canadians, and Germans on both sides of the river on the German Coast..." Read More

The Patron Saint of St. Charles Parish- St. Charles Borromeo.

Parish Name Sake

"In 1807, St. Charles Parish was named for the Ecclesiastical Parish of St. Charles, which served its parishioners in colonial times and in succeeding centuries at its present location in Destrehan. Charles Borromeo was born of noble birth on October 2, 1538, in a castle on Lake Maggiore in Italy. His father was Count Gilbert Borromeo and his mother was a Medici of Milano. While studying civil and canon law at the..." Read More