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The Trepagnier Plantation in Sellers, now Norco.

Great Depression

"It has been said by some that the St. Charles Parish area may not have been as profoundly affected by the Depression as the rest of the nation because many German Coast residents were still living in less than desirable conditions having never fully recovered from the Reconstruction period. However, there were adverse effects. The “little” man was particularly affected by the hard..." Read More

Matern Family. Pictured are Jacque and Henrietta Scelson Matherne (Matern), descendants of
Johann Adam Matern, one of the original families of the German Coast. Jacque and Henrietta
raised seven sons on Tete de Morte, a privately owned ridge on the lower bank of Des Allemands
about four miles from Lake Salvador, which has almost fallen to erosion. (Photo courtesy of Mrs. Donald (Annabel Matherne) Hogan, Sr.)

Life On The Bayou – 1850s

"There were several settlements along the German Coast that are no longer in existence. A small community was settled in the late 1850s on the east side of Lake Salvador in St. Charles Parish. Early Choctaw Indians and settlers named the village Bois Choctaw which means “Oaks of the Choctaw.” Trapping, hunting, and fishing provided food and livelihoods for all of the families. Some had permanent homes ashore while others lived..." Read More