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The St. Charles-Herald was published at the Triche House in Hahnville from 1888
to 1954. The addition to the right of the house was added to prepare and publish
the newspaper.

First Parish Newspaper

"The first issue of the St. Charles Herald was dated February 15, 1873. It is understood that this newspaper was started and owned by ex-Governor Georg Michael Hahn. With a friend, Marsellus Vallas, Hahn opened an office on the corner of Hahn and Front streets in Hahnville. The Herald was considered Hahn’s “mouthpiece” and ..." Read More

Source: St. Charles Herald newspaper

World War II

"As early as the middle of 1939, the St. Charles Herald ran stories reflecting the unrest around the world. World War II would live up to its name before it ended in August of 1945 with the surrender of Japan. Battles were fought across the globe—in the Pacific, Europe, Africa, and beyond. The U.S. was on the fringe until the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, by the Japanese Army. ..." Read More